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R&D Facilities Equipment Production


The world around us moves, at times too fast. Still, we manage to be one step ahead of our times. We are quick, intuitive and effective. And we have a very effective R&D department to be thankful to, for that. Research is in our DNA, an integral part of the way we move on, the main fuel that keeps our engine going.

For over four decades in a row, we have not ceased to develop new technologies and innovative solutions, designed for more effective moving and for better living. Our team of experts, all specialized scientists and professors of higher educational institutions go above and beyond to reach the top, no matter how high.

We work on an end-to-end basis, launching products entirely created by us, in terms of software and hardware, which allows us to be flexible and able to adjust to different needs and to fully customize our services.


They say that home is where your journey begins. In our case, it is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. We operate in company-owned, fully equipped facilities in the city’s main industrial area, Sindos. The manufacturing and storage facilities cover a total area of 2200m², while we maintain showrooms and warehouses both in Athens and Thessaloniki.​

We are equipped with cutting-edge SMT production systems that enable environmental control and electromagnetic compatibility testing to be performed on every product in the stage of product launching, as well as in the stage of regular production. This way we achieve product credibility along with control for certification.​

Our product range is certified by MID directive while our company has adopted ISO 9001 /2015 quality management systems. The company’s fully automated production line and the privately owned testing laboratories ensure a consistently high quality level of manufactured products, which are certified by qualified European institutions.​