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From taximeters, odometers, printers and telematic systems

We are one of the largest and most acclaimed technology companies in the field of taxi products globally.

From research and design all the way to manufacture, we offer total solutions, tailored to the specialized needs of each country we are active in.

Our thorough know-how, technical skills and real expertise allow us to provide the taxi industry with all the necessary tools for flawless performance. We are the company behind the renowned sub-brand Panther, a true champion in the taxi market, featuring an extended list of excellent products.

From taximeters, odometers, printers and telematic systems all the way to roof signs and peripherals, servers, applications, programming, and testers, we offer a full range of solutions and high-end products destined to leave an imprint in contemporary mobility culture.

The road
to success.

At Semtrion we are outgoing and restless. We go a long way to meet international needs. In fact, we are currently active in an impressively long list of countries, besides Greece: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Algeria and the Czech Republic.

Our yearlong experience and in depth knowledge of the subject, allow us to overtake projects across different countries, in full accordance with respective internal laws, and to deliver fast and reliable results regarding the certification process.

Thanks to our valuable know-how, it takes a surprisingly short time for a final product to reach the market, because we make sure that all stages from initial design all the way to certification and final production are in full gear.

We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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