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Ever since day one, at Semitron we never ceased moving and ...up seemed like the right way to go.

One of the industries we invested in was the demanding elevator industry, where we currently play an active role.

We develop and create electronic products and solutions designed to fit any elevator’s needs, upgrading elevation performance, and guaranteeing total safety in every move. Lift controllers, car and landing operation panels, complete wiring and peripherals, cover our extended range of products that are committed to facilitate human flow within contemporary urban buildings and beyond.

Sky is the limit

We offer innovative solutions developed for both passenger and goods elevators, and designed for all kinds of buildings, from low and mid-rise structures all the way to the 60 floor buildings.

Our extended portfolio and ongoing investment in the fields of Research and Development, reassure that each project, be it a new installation or the modernization of an existing elevator, is treated with foremost professionalism leading to optimum results: a fully functional and safe operational system.

We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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