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About us


Shaping tomorrow

Who we are

We are Semitron. A dynamic and steadily growing technology company, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. From 1980 on, we operate in the wider technology sector, and lately with an emphasis in mobility culture, and are active in the research and development of hardware and software, providing innovative electronic solutions that enhance people’s experiences.

We have a true passion for engineering and a genuine interest in innovation. Our products are tech-driven but human oriented. We strive to have a positive impact on human experiences. We offer our customers tools to adequately meet the increasing demands of everyday life.

Philosophy and Vision

We love technology. Obviously. But first and foremost, we love life. Maintaining a human approach to cutting-edge engineering, helps us develop solutions addressed to real people with real needs. Products that they can fully benefit from. This human to human philosophy lies in the core of our operation and leads our way towards a better, brighter future, where people thrive on technology and not the other way round.

Our facts
in history

  • Company founded as Panthir Elektronik, producing taximeters

  • Production of electronic black box for cars to monitor car’s ECU

  • First company to buy SMT pick & place robotic system in Greece

  • Semitron becomes SA and expands to new factory facilities in Sindos industrial area, fully assembling line of electronics

  • Investment in the lift sector, producing control panels

  • Opening Branch in Athens

  • Production of First After Sales Mirror Taximeter globally

  • Further expansion of factory facilities, building a second floor of another 1000sq meters

  • Launching of a new Surface Mount Technology SMT line from SonyU

  • Inauguration of Affiliate companies in Ireland, Algeria & Turkey

  • R&D offices, team of 20 engineers

  • SaaS solutions and Embedded Linux Controller for Lifts

  • 8 pillars growth
    Presence in more than 28 countries in Europe, Asia & Africa

Innovation in thinking
excellence in the making

Our core

We dream big!

Like true pioneers, we want to change the way the world moves!

We are always up for any challenge

No wonder! Challenge makes us better. For ourselves and for our fellow men, just as well.

We encourage self-motivation

Empowering our people to make decisions that benefit our customers and our company is on our daily list.

We are well-trusted

Providing people with technology they can trust is our top priority.

We are dedicated to quality

Setting nothing less than the higher standards we stay loyal to the best there is.

We matter

Because, at the end of the day, it all comes down to making an impact on people’s lives and businesses.

Human resources

Investing in our people

Innovation and excellence are the main driving forces leading to the world’s most sought-after destination; success. You can’t get there without the brightest minds aboard.

Here at Semitron we are passionate about people in general, let alone our very own fellows. We take pride in our special team of specialized employees who will never settle for anything less than the best.

We are committed to building a strong and solid company culture, offering a fertile ground in which every person can grow and prosper, on a personal and professional level. We believe in the dynamics of teams and work together in an unhindered and inspiring environment, where every single input counts and every single step can lead to major conquests.

Goes without saying that we are always happy to welcome new fellow travelers on board. Talented individuals and tech enthusiasts, that maintain a human to human approach and are as eager as we are to shape a better future.

Investing in our people

Our definition of exciting office life

Spacious, modern offices

Flexible working hours

Online training plans

Private health insurance

Remote working

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