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New innovative services from Semitron

Semitron the Greek technology company founds a pioneer tech hub in Thessaloniki, aiming the growing market of Electronic Manufacturing and Engineering Services.

Semitron is growing in Greece and abroad due to the expanded research for new business & startup opportunities in the fields of innovation and digital technology.

New opportunities come up at the global industry and enabling regional but innovative companies to stand out such as the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).

The new digital era has created the need for flexible, highly specialized and super reliable regional manufacturers at the international industry.

At the same time, the growing demand for consumer electronics and innovative technologies allows EMS companies to provide a wide range of services as outsource partners to large industries.

In fact, the electronics manufacturing services, in which Semitron specializes, have been rapidly growing in recent years, at the average rate of 7.5%.

Observing carefully the new developments in the global industry, Semitron has founded special departments of Electronic Manufacturing Engineering and Software / Hardware Engineering, utilizing the country’s leading scientific human resources.

The innovative research and development department of Semitron aims to attract the best programmers and engineers and also transform it to a pioneer international technology hub.

Semitron has multiple advantages compared with international competition in the above tech areas.

The Greek company has more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing digital devices, vertical organization, specialization and operates according to the strictest international standards.

By applying the Quality Assurance System ISO 9001: 2015, Semitron has achieved impressive customer satisfaction rates up to 99.2% and 98.88% delivery accuracy to orders. The strict control to the efficiency of processes and services, the quality of raw materials and the functionality of our products, provides our customers a rare experience of absolute satisfaction.

Through the EMS and Software / Hardware Engineering departments, Semitron seeks the maximum growth in the future, creating new jobs and gives new opportunities to young scientists to innovate. The big picture is the entry and the establishment of Greece in the new digital entrepreneurship.

Semitron SA

Since 1978, the Greek technology company Semitron, located in Thessaloniki, designs and develops digital hardware and software solutions. Semitron established in Greece and abroad with the most reliable solutions for taxi fleet management and elevator automation. We are facing future, with innovation spirit and we managed to create a wide range of mass and on demand applications in the fields of telematic, IoT and many other high-tech fields, with an emphasis on mobility solutions.

Today Semitron is globally recognized, has an excellent R&D department for the development of digital software and hardware solutions and presence in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Also there are offices located in Ireland, Algeria and Turkey.

Semitron is a member of international alliances and operates according to the strictest ISO standards.

Our mission is to create innovative technological products and digital applications, focusing on human needs and improve daily life.