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Mind-set your Lift by Semitron

Semitron is pleased to present the Lift Suite application.

The software development made at company's facilities and is FREE for our partners.


Lift Suite

Lift Suite is an application that allows the SK3 board to communicate with the computer simply via a USB cable!


By using the application the user is able to:

  • Read and change all parameters of the elevator
  • Set default parameters
  • Read, delete and save all errors
  • Control the elevators’ operation, give calls to the panel from the application and watch the status of various parameters on that exactly moment, such as indications and the location of the cabin on the computer screen
  • Save the installation details (client name, table model, address, firmware, phone, installation date)
  • Register history of installation services (date, charge fee, duration of work, cost of spare parts)
  • Register history errors which have been saved
  • Watch on a graphic design and print all services and errors, for a specific period of time
  • Save and change elevators’ parameters that could be loaded from a configuration file
  • Change users password