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Made in Greece Taximeters by Semitron for the African market

Through its subsidiary Semitron Africa Spa, the leading Greek taximeter company is entering in the African continent at Algeria and Tunisia.

Since 1978, Semitron is manufacturing the best taximeters in Greek market with vertical production, organization that ensures the quality of its products and excellent after-sales service.

Today Semitron is an international high-tech company, offering ready to fit and custom solutions for a wide range of industry needs. At the same time, remains the market leader of the taximeters industry which established and made Semitron well-known in the market.

Having extroversion as a strategic choice for its growth, Semitron is making very careful steps before entering in new markets like European, Asian and African.

Under these circumstances in 2014 the subsidiary Semitron Africa Spa was founded and is the “appropriate way” for future development and consolidation to all African markets.

At the same time, Semitron is watching closely the developments of African Union, the group of 55 countries of the Black Continent, which lead the transformation from a third world region into a dynamic and full of potentials market.

The huge market of 1.2 billion citizens of the African continent, give great opportunities for Semitron’s growth.

At Oran, the city of Algeria we are developing a network of retail stores and taximeters installers. At the same time, neighboring Tunisia is the next step of expansion, through an agreement with local representative who already covers geographically the entire territory of the country.

Semitron with forty years of experience has based its success by creating the right product adapted in the specific needs of each market. Africa is no exception to this successful practice, which is why from 2014 until today, scientists at Semitron’s research and development department are creating specialized range of taximeters that are certified according to each country’s standards.

Our next target is the consolidation in these two African countries, to collect valuable data and then by using our knowledge and experience expand across African continent.

Semitron SA

Since 1978, the Greek technology company Semitron, located in Thessaloniki, designs and develops digital hardware and software solutions. Semitron established in Greece and abroad with the most reliable solutions for taxi fleet management and elevator automation. We are facing future, with innovation spirit and we managed to create a wide range of mass and on demand applications in the fields of telematic, IoT and many other high-tech fields, with an emphasis on mobility solutions.

Today Semitron is globally recognized, has an excellent R&D department for the development of digital software and hardware solutions and presence in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Also there are offices located in Ireland, Algeria and Turkey. Semitron is a member of international alliances and operates according to the strictest ISO standards.

Our mission is to create innovative technological products and digital applications, focusing on human needs and improve daily life.