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Semitron is supporting the development of an innovative online application for tourism

In collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Aegean University and Dotsoft (IT company) Semitron creates next level technology for the tourist information systems with the application TTLS.

The future of the tourist transportation in Greece has name: Tourist Transportation and Leisure Services and is created by Semitron in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of the Aegean and the IT company Dotsoft.

Two top ranked universities and two of the most active companies in digital development and specialized manufacturing, collaborated to create an innovative platform.

The integrated TTLS solution, which includes Semitron’s innovative data recording and sharing devices, will enable travel agencies to find the most economical, safe and profitable routes for tourists by ensuring the high-quality of a 360 travel experience.

In addition, it will directly contribute to traveler’s needs for transportation, touring and pleasure to his destination.

The TTLS application is a virtual marketplace that brings together tourist services and connects them to potential demand.

It’s aiming to improve the experience for the visitor, but it is also a management platform for the tourist operator, which covers the need to promote and sell his services in real time.

At the same time, transport companies will be able to reduce their costs, due to the possibility of choosing between many different similar services, they will be able to choose the ones that combine the best value for money in each case.

The project “Optimization of transportation services in tourism with intelligent systems techniques (TTLS)” is funded by the NSRF through the business program “Competitiveness – Entrepreneurship – Innovation”, which aims to create cooperation with innovative Greek companies and universities to accomplice innovative digital solutions in various areas of entrepreneurship.

Semitron, with its huge experience in constructing recorder devices and IoT applications, contributes to the fast development of the TTLS application, for which the testing in “real-time” phase will start soon.

More specifically, the involving institutes of the program (Semitron, Dotsoft, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Aegean University), cooperate in this phase of TTLS with the tourism service company Transfervip.

Very soon the TTLS application will be fully functional and available for its commercial launch, putting Greece in the map of the digital transformation and giving the possibility to new export opportunities.

With presence in 28 countries worldwide, Semitron is ready to contribute also to the worldwide direction of the project.

Semitron SA

Since 1978, the Greek technology company Semitron, located in Thessaloniki, designs and develops digital hardware and software solutions. Semitron established in Greece and abroad with the most reliable solutions for taxi fleet management and elevator automation. We are facing future, with innovation spirit and we managed to create a wide range of mass and on demand applications in the fields of telematic, IoT and many other high-tech fields, with an emphasis on mobility solutions.

Today Semitron is globally recognized, has an excellent R&D department for the development of digital software and hardware solutions and presence in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Also there are offices located in Ireland, Algeria and Turkey. Semitron is a member of international alliances and operates according to the strictest ISO standards.

Our mission is to create innovative technological products and digital applications, focusing on human needs and improve daily life.