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Semitron is member of the Next group international consortium

In a rapidly changing world, developing different kind of applications is vital.

Semitron, the Greek technology company, through Next group is creating the future of digital sharing.

Semitron S.A. is the 15th member of the international consortium Next group. Members of the group are the leading companies in the elevator industry. Next group is based in Germany.

Next group aims to bring elevator manufacturers and suppliers in touch with software industry to create common digital software and hardware solutions, which will allow the sharing of innovation, the development of applications and give great possibilities for future upgrades to all systems.

The non-profit organization Next group was founded in 2017 to play crucial part to the challenge of the digital transformation of the elevator industry and provide to its members direct access to innovative electronic systems and tools. All members share knowledge, research and development resources and create products with high added value and human-centered approach.

All leading companies in the industry such as Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Europe, Schaefer and SafeLine, which among many others participate in the Next group, Semitron S.A. shares the same vision of innovation by targeting human’s needs.

That’s why Semitron S.A. has created a modern Research & Development department, with a large number of great scientists, in order to develop cutting-edge technology that will be available both in Greece and in foreign countries where we operate in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Via Next group, Semitron S.A. gains a number of unique advantages to the international market.

The most important result of our participation to Next group is the direct and constant access to updates and developments, not only in the elevator industry but in mobility solutions too. Also as a provider of innovative digital solutions, our services reach a very large potential clientele in the international industry.

Semitron SA

Since 1978, the Greek technology company Semitron, located in Thessaloniki, designs and develops digital hardware and software solutions. Semitron established in Greece and abroad with the most reliable solutions for taxi fleet management and elevator automation. We are facing future, with innovation spirit and we managed to create a wide range of mass and on demand applications in the fields of telematic, IoT and many other high-tech fields, with an emphasis on mobility solutions.

Today Semitron is globally recognized, has an excellent R&D department for the development of digital software and hardware solutions and presence in 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Also there are offices located in Ireland, Algeria and Turkey. Semitron is a member of international alliances and operates according to the strictest ISO standards.

Our mission is to create innovative technological products and digital applications, focusing on human needs and improve daily life.